"It seems strange to say, but what can help modern man find the answers to his own mystery and the mystery of him in whose image he is created, is silence, solitude -- in a word, the desert. Modern man needs these things more than the hermits of old." Catherine Doherty

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Franciscans are coming, the Franciscans are coming!

That was the rally cry as our most recent retreat packed up and left and we did a hasty turn around of linen and deep cleaning!

Mother Superior enjoyed her stay and did a lot of fishing with us, the weather held out nicely. 

Bust almost as soon as she headed south on her lecture tour, the Franciscans came up the driveway.

The Franciscans of the Primitive Order from Roxbury MA., arrived with 14 men, two brothers and two Priests. The group came to discern vocations, explore fellowship, pray and work! And they did it all!

As soon as he got out of the car Fr. Sean was ready to have Mass and we did a quick check in about work details and other weekend plans. It was good to catch up with him as it had almost been a year since we saw each other last. 

Right away the Father and the Brothers headed to the Chapel to set up for Mass.

With the Host replaced and the monstrance set up for Adoration hours around the clock, the men had Mass to celebrate arrival.

After that there was prayer, cooking, walks, discussions, a bonfire and lots of farm work. 

Naturally, being Franciscans, there was an interest in spending time with the animals; goats, chickens, turkeys and especially horses.

Everyone really enjoyed their time on the farm and in the woods!

And of course there was music! Brother Felix stepped away from his endless kitchen duties and grabbed his guitar!

He played to the men, he played to the flowers and gardens he played music for each Mass, music for prayer, and even music for horses;

And then suddenly a Blues duet began and plans to tour the Northeast were made!

The work these guys did around the farm in the garden and the whole roof job on the Poustinia cabin was all incredibly helpful. Also having them here to talk theology, life and even tell some good jokes was the best sort of fellowship we could have. 

But before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. 

So after the Father and the Brothers practiced their own personal ascension, via the Kubota, 

...it was time to do the group shot,

What an inspirational group of men, I can't wait to see them again!
It was sad to to see them go.

But now it's time to get working on the Rosary garden and the many other jobs here. 

Work is prayer, and prayer is joy,

It can be a hard life here, but it is a blessed life.

Stay Tuned for more as we head into fall, new projects, a rotator cuff surgery and the continuation of this radical and blessed life from,

The Mary Theotokos Monastic Center.