"It seems strange to say, but what can help modern man find the answers to his own mystery and the mystery of him in whose image he is created, is silence, solitude -- in a word, the desert. Modern man needs these things more than the hermits of old." Catherine Doherty

Monday, March 28, 2011

This week at This old Monastic Center, John and workers return to the dreaded Church basement, where mice and ice were all found under the floor boards. In hopes of salvaging the basement floor and walls, the boys struggle through icy cold and back breaking labor to carry all damaged wood out and remove nails from all the wood they can save. Cathy and her team continue the work in the main house. Its all hands on deck, as well as on knees, as her team puts in carpets, cleans cupboards and mop floors.  Will John and the guys surrender to the never ending basement penance? Will Cathy and her team ever turn the corner on home repairs? And will someone PLEASE wash the dog who has been rolling around in the driveway mud all day? Follow this blog to find out what happens!